ZWT Accelerator



Are you a founder of a life science company?
The ZWT Accelerator is the ideal location for you!

S1 & S2 laboratories


Special infrastructure
for life science start-ups


Support for R&D,
financing, marketing,
internationalisation, etc.


Flexible room layout
in offices and laboratories

The “one-stop shop” for founders in the life science sector

Life science companies need excellent office and laboratory infrastructure, but above all they need networking. The ZWT Accelerator actively promotes this networking with strategic partners from science and industry as a “one-stop shop” and is thus the ideal location for start-ups.

The existing ZWT has created a pull effect that is increasingly attracting start-ups from the life sciences to a location in the Medical Science City Graz. In order to meet this demand and to continue to promote the dynamic development (see ZWT magazine), the Styrian Business Promotion Agency SFG and the Medical University of Graz are jointly implementing the ZWT Accelerator. The project is co-financed by funding from the Province of Styria and the European Regional Development Fund. More information on IWB/EFRE can be found at .

Ideal location for start-ups & networking platform

For founders in the life sciences, the ZWT Accelerator functions as a “one-stop shop” whose services go far beyond providing office and laboratory space and infrastructure. Moreover, the ZWT Accelerator will be established as a networking platform with appropriate space – for the tenants to network with each other, but also for workshops and events with partners.

Hard facts and services

Rental rates in the ZWT Accelerator:

  • Office space and general usable space: EUR 15.76 net/m²
  • Laboratory space: EUR 22.01 net/m²
  • Price basis 01.01.2023

Picture on the left: ZWT Accelerator – Credit Riegler Riewe Architects

Do you want to rent an office or a laboratory in the ZWT Accelerator?
Send an enquiry now!

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The live camera provides current insights into the construction of the ZWT Accelerator:

Start-ups in the ZWT

BRAVE Analytics GmbH

All about the patented measuring technique for nanoparticles. This approach offers a deeper and faster insight into the nanoworld compared to usual reference products.


Carbomed Medical Solutions
GmbH & Co KG

Developer and producer of Breathe ILO, the world’s unique fertility tracker that analyses the breathing air.


decide Clinical Software GmbH

Spin-off of JOANNEUM RESEARCH and the Medical University of Graz working on the GlucoTab blood sugar measurement management system.



The start-up EVOMEDIS is a spin-off of the wound therapy specialist QRSKIN, which is headquartered in Germany.

Impress Logo

ImPress MedTech GmbH

The start-up develops an innovative method for blood pressure measurement with which the blood pressure is measured per heart beat directly on the skin and without a catheter.


MEON Functional
Diagnostics GmbH

MEON Functional Diagnostics, a spin-off of MEON Medical Solutions, is engaged in the field of body fluid diagnostics.


Qualizyme GmbH

Detecting wound infections quickly and at an early stage – this is possible with the innovative system the start-up is currently working on.