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When researching drugs, the initial approach is to work with animal models. However, the results from this method show a failure rate of 80% in clinical trials and over 99% for neurological drugs. In the ZWT Accelerator, the founding team employs microfluidic technology to develop an “organ-on-chip”, i.e., a platform that can be used to grow all kinds of tissues from stem cells. Diseases modeled in this way allow drugs and therapies to be tested and animal experiments to be reduced.
NORGANOID is focusing on a 3D version of the organ-on-chips and on the automation of tissue production. By means of machine learning, the individual steps in the production process and the quality are monitored. Since stem cells are used, further development towards personalized medicine is another of the company’s visions.



Research Field/Product Range:

Stem cell research and organ-on-chip

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