Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Medicine

ZWT – the ideal location for
start-ups and companies


Dynamic networking between science and economy: the ZWT is directly connected to the campus of the Medical University of Graz (MED CAMPUS Graz) and the University Hospital Graz. The close intertwining with the industry is supported by the Styrian Business Promotion Agency and, the ZWT co-owner, the Medical University of Graz with the help of their networks. Due to the dynamic development, the ZWT Accelerator is currently implemented as an extension specifically for start-ups and spin-offs in the life science sector.

Our vision

The Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Medicine (ZWT) brings economy and research institutes closer together in a very unique way. Start-ups and companies have easier access to scientific know-how and thus are able to improve human health with their products and services. Regional added value also increases because the bundling of competences in the Medical Science City Graz creates an international pull effect.

Project executing organisation & project partners

The ZWT is being established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Province of Styria and the Medical University of Graz by co-financing from subsidies from the Province of Styria and the European Union (EFRE funds). Project partners include Cluster Styria (HTS) and Science Park Graz. The tenants have direct access to the Core Facilities of the Medical University of Graz (e.g. Center for Medical Research).

Tenants & success stories

The tenants have developed immensely dynamically since the opening of the ZWT in 2014. Many of them have started the production after years of development and the internationalisation is progressing. The demand for rental space remains high and the expansion by the ZWT Accelerator specifically for start-ups takes this into account.


The ZWT Accelerator offers company founders in the life sciences subsidised laboratory and office space, infrastructure and know-how.

Part of the Medical Science City Graz

Establishing networks between science and economy is actively enhanced at the ZWT. Special events with cooperation partners such as the Medical University of Graz or Science Park are organised. But informal conversation also plays an important role as opportunities for cooperation with a win-win situation often arise by chance – for example during a chat at the bistro [das O] or a break in the fresh air in front of the ZWT. The ZWT is directly connected to the new MED CAMPUS of the Medical University of Graz, as well as to the University Hospital Graz and thus being part of the Medical Science City Graz. The close intertwining with the many other hubs of the Styrian life science industry is ensured by the networks of the ZWT co-owner Styrian Business Promotion Agency (SFG) and by Cluster Styria (HTS), which is located at the ZWT. Styria is now internationally renowned for its life science expertise, both in research and in practical implementation. Institutions such as the ZWT significantly contribute to ensure that the strength of the life sciences will continue to generate a large amount of added value for Styria now and in the future.


Aus Wissen Wert schöpfen!

Mit welchen Strategien sichern steirische Impulszentren und Inkubatoren die Vernet-zung zwischen Universitäten und Unternehmen? Was brauchen Start-ups derzeit am dringendsten? ZWT-Geschäftsführerin Anke Dettelbacher diskutierte darüber mit den Geschäftsführerinnen und Geschäftsführern von ZAT Leoben, Science Park Graz sowie Unicorn am Roundtable des Magazins SPIRIT of Styria.

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