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The start-up EVOMEDIS is a spin-off of the wound therapy specialist QRSKIN, which is headquartered in Germany. EVOMEDIS is a research and development stage life science company focussing on the development of new therapies for the treatment of burn wounds. The settlement at the ZWT was the result of a long-standing, close and successful cooperation with JOANNEUM RESEARCH and COREMED – Cooperative Centre for Regenerative Medicine, the Medical University of Graz and the University Hospital Graz in the field of wound therapy. EVOMEDIS wants to become the leading R&D specialist delivering innovative burn therapies. Their vision is to change the paradigm of wound care to wound healing.

The team around Dr. Martin Funk focuses on new approaches for wound dressings, and on services and consulting in the field of R&D for wound therapeutics in general. Close cooperation with research, development and production partners plays a central role. Dr. Funk considers EVOMEDIS’ unique selling proposition to lie in its broad network of burn medicine experts, its special development expertise, its own early project pipeline and the possibility to cooperate closely with (future) customers already in an early phase of development. The start-up plans to expand its presence in large growth markets such as Asia, Latin America and Africa and support companies from other life science sectors in entering the market in these countries.

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