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for Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Austrian Node is the national node of the European Biobanking Research Infrastructure BBMRI-ERIC. is an initiative and association of Austrian universities and biobanks with the aim of establishing a national research infrastructure based on biobanks.

Biobanks collect biological samples and associated data, which are valuable resources. They are essential for innovations in the field of personalised medicine and the development of biomarkers, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. This requires a standardised and coordinated management of samples, data and processes in biobanks. is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (GZ 10.470/0016-II/3/2013).


4 (Graz), 14 (BBMRI.AT total)

Research field/Product range

  • establishes uniform, internationally valid procedures and standards for sample, data and quality management within the Austrian biobanking research infrastructure.
  • is building a showcase biobank which will increase competitiveness in academic research and industrial development of biomarkers and pharmaceuticals.
  • optimises and facilitates access to samples and data for researchers from universities and industrial companies. Among other things, specific database systems to record and search for samples and data (online catalogue) are developed.

Research cooperation puts emphasis on networking and cooperation with various stakeholders such as biobanks, researchers, citizens, sample donors, authorities, health care organisations, the biomedical and pharmaceutical industry, and legal and ethical experts. also focuses on international cooperation in the biobanking sector and collaborations with other national BBMRI nodes (IT, FR, CZ, TR).

Labor Biobank Graz
Contact us for more detailed information!
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kurt Zatloukal | | +43 (0)664/1533264
Mag. (FH) Cornelia Stumptner | | +43 (0)664/9687702
Stiftingtalstrasse 2/B/6 | 8010 Graz |

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